One Size Doesn't Fit All! ConforMIS: Personalized Knee Implants

It’s Your Knee. Help Keep It That Way!
Surgical Personalization from ConforMIS performed by Dr. Gary Levengood of Sports Medicine South


Personal Advantage: ConforMIS implants have a unique advantage: they’re personalized. The ConforMIS approach gives you notably more bone preservation than traditional variations so you’re able to preserve your knee for possible future treatment options. You may also experience faster recovery time and reduced post-operative pain.
ConforMIS personalized implant offers unique advantages versus a traditional knee replacement.

  • Provides Superior Fit Specific To You: Customized implants mirror the surface contours of your knee to help provide greater coverage and implant fit.
  • Preserves Your Future Surgical Options: With less bone cuts, more of your knee is preserved for future, more aggressive solutions if necessary.
  • Restores Your Knee’s Normal Motion: By preserving healthy cartilage, bone and ligaments, your knee is able to to retain more of its natural function.
  • Allows for a Less Traumatic Procedure: Customized instrumentation is built to match your knee, reduce the amount of bone preparation and simplify your procedure.

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