Anti-Gravity Treadmill Speeds Recovery

The Anti-Gravity Treadmill, more formally known as the Alter-G, does exactly what its name eludes to by creating a walking environment similar to that of the Moon. Conceived by NASA, and approved by the FDA, the Alter-G is designed to reduce the weight impact on lower extremities. By utilizing air pressure, the Alter-G has the ability to take off as much eighty percent of your own body weight, allowing patients to walk, jog, or run without pain or further injury. Both Sports Medicine Rehab facilities and professional sports associations strongly back the innovative machine.  The Alter-G is continually used to facilitate rehabilitation to patients and athletes with hip, knee, ankle, and foot injuries.

The technically advanced machine, although in high demand, is hard to find. There are only a few Alter-G’s found across Georgia; one of the machines is housed in the Physical Therapy Department of Sports Medicine South in Lawrenceville, GA. Curt Bazemore, PT and SMS’s Director of Rehabilitation sums it up as, “The capabilities of the Alter-G facilitate a significant improvement in the quality of care for our patients and to the progression of their rehabilitation program.” To see a video of the Alter-G in action, click here.

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