Beyond Better – Curt Bazemore, PT, ATC



In honor of National Physical Therapy Month, we thought it would be a great opportunity to let you know a little bit more about our Director of Physical Therapy,  Curt Bazemore, PT, ATC.  You can read her professional bio on our webpage here , or in this GREAT article by the Gwinnett Daily Post, but we wanted to give you a brief glimpse “behind the scenes” of a day in the life of our very own Curt Bazemore!

Typical Daily Schedule for Curt Bazemore, PT, ATC

6:00am wake up – check emails and texts from patients

6:30am – Get ready to go to work

7:45am –  car ride to work (address phone calls)

8:00am –  arrive at work – start seeing patients

12:30pm – at least 3 times per week go to see home patients and eat a sack lunch on the way (YAY!).

1:45pm – start seeing afternoon patients back at SMS!

5:30pm – finish patients for the day and complete paperwork, return phone calls, etc.

6:00-7:30pm – patient follow ups with phone calls and paperwork or off for evening home patients

8:00pm –  Drive home with some fun music

8:30pm  – eat with wife and maybe go for a walk

9:30 – home patient paper work

11-12 midnight – go to bed dreaming of new ways to torture….errr… my patients!


Some “Fun Facts”:

Favorite movie: The Man Who Would Be King

Favorite Super Hero: Superman

Favorite Color: Blue (you didn’t expect me to say Red did you!)

Past time/hobby: Reading and Golf

Most unique experience in field: Treating professional tennis players like Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Maria Sanchez

Most unique travel destination: Costa Rica for my nephew’s wedding

Something else that is unique about me: I was voted most outstanding “Dummy Holder” while on scholarship for football at Ga Tech. (or was that just “Dummy”?)


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