Beyond Better – Diana K. Dean, PA-C


In honor of PA Week, we thought it would be a great opportunity to let you know a little bit more about Diana K. Dean, PA-C.  You can read her professional bio on our webpage here, but we wanted to give you a brief glimpse “behind the scenes” of a day in the life of a PA.

Diana K. Dean Daily Surgical Schedule:

4:30am – (Yes, that IS 4:30am) Wake up and drink a cup of chocolate-macadamia nut coffee from Hawaii(my Splurge!) while watching the local news

4:45am – Play with my dogs

5:00am – Read my Bible, read a daily devotional and “try” to ride my exercise bike(said with a laugh!)

5:30am – Get ready for work!

5:45am – Get my “to go” cups of coffee and snacks for the day

6:00am –  Drive to GMC-Duluth.  During the commute, I say my daily prayers, talk with my husband, and listen to talk radio.  (It’s a long commute from Gainesville but worth living on the lake!)

6:45am – Arrive at hospital.  Change into scrubs.

7:10am – Talk to 1st surgery pt. of the day.  Make sure everything is setup and ready for 1st case (x-rays/chart/equipment/etc.)

7:20am –  Dictate hospital charts

7:30am –  Start our 1st surgery of the day.

7:30am-9:00pm (or until finished with surgery).  Continue with surgery throughout day.  Eat snacks, drink plenty of water and some coffee throughout day.

9:00pm –  Round on any patients in hospital

9:15pm –  Drive home.  Talk with my husband, family and friends on my way home. Listen to music to relax and recover from the day’s work.

9:45pm –  Play with my dogs.

10:00pm –  Eat a light dinner with my husband.

11:00pm –  Watch news/TV/movie

11:30pm –  Hopefully SLEEP!.


Some “Fun Facts” About Diana K. Dean, PA-C:

Favorite Movie:  Remember the Titans (my husband and I were extras in the movie!)

Favorite Super Hero:  Wonder Woman

Favorite Color: Red (surprise!)

Past time/Hobbies:  Fishing/Boating, Target Practice & Photography

Most unique experience in field:  Just the joy I feel when I see a patient who had and injury or problem and unable to participate in sports/activities, recover and be able to do what they want to do.  Also when I broke my leg and became the patient, it made me more sympathetic and empathetic for what each person goes through. Hopefully that experience has made me a better PA!

Most Unique Vacation:  My yearly trip to Treasure Island, Fla. with my entire family.  This has been a tradition that was started by my grandparents.

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