Beyond Better – Tammy Brent, PTA



In honor of National Physical Therapy Month, we thought it would be a great opportunity to let you know a little bit more about Tammy Brent, PTA.  You can read her professional bio on our webpage here but we wanted to give you a brief glimpse “behind the scenes” of a day in the life of Tammy Brent!

 Tammy Brent, PTA Daily Schedule:

4:30am wake up

5:00am wake up again (yes again, I love the snooze button)-check emails then take my 2 dogs on their ‘mile a morning’ walk

5:45am head to Gold’s Gym to experience what I put my patients through!

7:30am get ready for work!

8:00am arrive at work, make a protein shake and check emails again

8:30am greet our intern and staff and start seeing patients

12:30pm Quick lunch-address emails (again!), answer phone calls

1:30pm Trip to medical side of building to discuss any problems or concerns regarding patients with our GREAT providers!

1:45pm start seeing afternoon patients

5:30pm finish patients, check emails (ugh!), answer phone calls, finish paperwork

6:00pm prepare for the next day

6:30pm drive home listening to a “Brad Thor” book on tape!

8:00pm enjoy dinner with my husband

10:00pm prepare my gym bag for the next day

11:00pm off to bed!


Some “Fun Facts” About Tammy Brent, PTA:

Favorite movie: The Guardians of the Galaxy (favorite line…”I AM GROOT!!!”)

Super Hero: Captain America

Color: Orange/Green (GO CANES!….sorry Curt!)

Favorite pastime: Cruises in the Caribbean

Most Unique experience in the field: Working with a Professional Wrestler with the WCW in the mid 80’s.

Most Unique travel destination: Mission Trip to the Hainan Island in South China

Something interesting about me:  I ran my first Half Marathon last Thanksgiving Day!

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