Why Choose SMS Physical Therapy?

We believe Physical Therapy is one of the best resources in the rehabilitation of your injury. There are virtually hundreds of benefits to physical therapy, but at Sports Medicine South, we focus strongly to promote body strength, function and mobility as well as prevent future physical injury. Our therapists work in close relation with the referring provider in an open line of communication to ensure a comprehensive rehabilitation program for each patient. Sports Medicine South’s Physical Therapy department is full of innovative equipment, such as the Alter G Treadmill, Trazer HRA, Functional Testing for Return-To-Sport and Movement Screening, Assessment & Corrective Strategies.

The Anti-Gravity Treadmill, more formally known as the Alter-G, does exactly what its name alludes to by creating a walking environment similar to that of the Moon. Conceived by NASA, and approved by the FDA, the Alter-G is designed to reduce the weight impact on lower extremities. By utilizing air pressure, the Alter-G has the ability to take off as much eighty percent of your own body weight, allowing patients to walk, jog, or run without pain or further injury. Both Sports Medicine Rehab facilities and professional sports associations strongly back the innovative machine.  The Alter-G is continually used to facilitate rehabilitation to patients and athletes with hip, knee, ankle, and foot injuries. The technically advanced machine, although in high demand, is hard to find. There are only a few Alter-G’s found across Georgia; one of the machines is housed in the Physical Therapy Department of Sports Medicine South in Lawrenceville, GA. Curt Bazemore, PT and SMS’s Director of Rehabilitation sums it up as, “The capabilities of the Alter-G facilitate a significant improvement in the quality of care for our patients and to the progression of their rehabilitation program.”

Sports Medicine South’s Physical Therapy is proud to announce the implementation of TRAZER, a sports simulator program, one of the most innovative technologies to hit the rehabilitation market, into our facility. The TRAZER program enables the fundamental movements of an athlete’s performance to be captured, measured and recorded. Offering an array of simulated tests, TRAZER can capture the athlete’s functional movement, reaction time, speed, agility, and memory capabilities with precision. Abnormalities and weaknesses in performance, even if seemingly minor, can have a big impact of on the overall performance of an athlete. Fortunately, using the innovative platform of the TRAZER, minor performance deficiencies can easily be detected and then effectively corrected. The distinct data collected during simulation programs allows for a more functional rehabilitation process and ultimately a more accurate return-to-play assessment.

Unlike many traditional physical therapy programs, we do not limit our return-to-sport criteria to muscle testing, range of motion and pain.  Using a uniquely developed Functional Testing process, each athlete is evaluated on specific areas of sport-specific movements such as speed, acceleration, agility, deceleration, power, power endurance, balance and force re-direction.  This testing process puts a numeric value to describe where the athlete is in the recovery process and what areas they are in need of more development as well as determining when to initiate a return to sport process.  This program has resulted in an amazingly low re-injury rate from athletes returning to sport.

If you visit our physical therapy department, one thing will stand out – movement. Nationally recognized physical therapist Gray Cook states that the “number one issue that predisposes an individual to injury is a previous injury.” In other words, just simply reducing pain and re-establishing the ability to return to activity, does not “heal” an individual.  How well do they move? Are there any movement asymmetries? Are there movement dysfunctions? Our professional staff has been trained on not only how to assess those restrictions but will create an individualized movement corrective strategy to return each individual to optimum function.

Voted Best of Gwinnett “Physical Therapy” 2012-2014, our patients enjoy the personal attention we have for all of our clients while rehabilitating in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Our primary aim is to bring our patients back even better than before, free of any pain so that they can lead a normal life, and participate in all their activities with minimal or no difficulty.

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