Information is NOT Knowledge

In the age of technology that we know reside in, information is only a click or swipe away.  We no longer even need a computer or laptop as we can access the internet and websites through our cellular devices!  The speed of access and amount of information available is staggering.  However, the most vital part for any consumer is not the getting a quantity of information but how to evaluate the quality of the information. Just because something is posted on an internet site, does not make it valid. Certifications do not create expert status.  Degrees do not denote truth. Information is just a collection of facts and data.  How we relate that information to supportive research creates knowledge and how we utilize that knowledge through practical application produces wisdom.

 A great example of this occurred earlier this year when an article was posted on regarding how an All-Star New York Yankee pitcher’s weight loss hurt his performance on the field and led to an increase in injuries.  Doctors and MLB Pitching coaches state that increasing weight may be better for the individual.  What this article fails to address is that “fatigue masks fitness”.  As a pitcher ages and continues to throw large numbers of pitches and innings, a decrease in performance will occur.  The loss of weight may have even allowed this player to continue to participate!

That is where Eric Cressey, a sports performance coach who has become recognized as an expert in working with baseball players and pitchers due to his knowledge and experience, responded with his own blog post.  Not only did his post include scientifically supported research, it also demonstrated specific practical applications in regards to the sport of baseball and the act of pitching.

Sports Medicine South wants to provide knowledge, not information.  We want to continue to be a vehicle that allows each of our patients, athletes and coaches to reach BEYOND BETTER.  Therefore, on April 12, 2014, we will sponsor Eric Cressey’s presentation at the NSCA Southeast Regional Conference here in Duluth, Georgia at the Gwinnett Civic Center.  Eric will be speaking on “Evaluating Overhead Athletes: New Ways To Look At The Same Old Problems”.  In this presentation, Eric will cover the most common injuries faced by throwers; the movement impairments and mechanical issues that contribute to these issues; and receive programming strategies, exercise recommendations, and the coaching cues to meet these challenges.

This is only one example of our determined goal to go Beyond Better and provide quality educational resources.  You can find more quality educational information on our website and more details on the NSCA Southeast Regional Conference at the NSCA website.

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