"Parent Your Best"…..another way to GET BEYOND BETTER!

The athletic trainers of Sports Medicine South had the great opportunity to spend some time with Jeremy Boone at the NSCA Southeast Regional Conference earlier this month. He presented on the techniques and system for improving the speed and agility of athletes.  Coach Boone not only demonstrated great drills and techniques but also provided a system in which to apply those drills.

That hands-on session was tremendous but what made it even better was his following presentation on how to best create the environment for success.  As parents, coaches and trainers, we all have a major impact on the athletes we work with.  And although we all have great intentions, many of us simply do not plan for this success.  We spend time learning how to get stronger, faster, decrease injuries.  But how do we become better parents?  How do we plan and train to do this?

Coach Boone has produced an educational program that provides those answers.  Sports Medicine South believes in always finding the BEST ways to improve…finding ways in which to not only get you better but get you BEYOND BETTER.  Coach Boone has done this!  Check out this great resource on his facebook page.