Patient Spotlight – Selina Cash

Braves enthusiasts, fans of the Falcons, and home to the Toxic Shocks. “Toxic Shocks,” should you be wondering, is not an exotic disease but an Atlanta-based women’s roller derby team, and although it may not yet have the mass fan base of the Braves and Falcons, women’s roller derby is reported to be one of the today’s fastest growing sports. With its beginnings dating all the way back to the mid-1930s, this female dominated sport requires tactical talent and elite athleticism.

Selina Cash, athlete and player for the Atlanta Toxic Shocks Team, truly has a passion for the increasingly popular sport, making her professional roller derby debut in early 2011. Similar to any sport requiring a high level of athleticism, skill, and aggression, roller derby players, too, experience sports related injuries. In mid-July, after skating in a derby game, Selina Cash was diagnosed with a left knee patella subluxation and a slight PCL tear by the doctors at Sports Medicine South. A patella subluxation is a common injury among athletes and occurs when the patella, more commonly known as the knee cap, no longer slides central to its respective groove. As treatment, Dr. Levengood referred Cash to SMS’s in-house physical therapy department. Under the direction of Curt Bazemore, PT, ATC and his physical therapy team, Cash completed weekly rehab routines, with the objective to regain the prior level of her knee functionality. Throughout the week, Cash completed circuits of quad strengthening, speed and agility training, and sessions on the Alter-G treadmill in order to enhance her patella stabilization.

After a few weeks of treatment and practice time on the derby track, “Dirty Cash,” is ready to get back into action and with perfect timing! The Atlanta Rollergirls is hosting a major playoff game this weekend on Saturday, August 13th. Her team, the Toxic Shocks, takes on the Apocalypstix at 5:00 pm at the Yaarab Shrine Center on Ponce. For more information, please check out the Atlanta Rollergirls website, and for a closer look at Selina, check out her “Dirty Cash” player profile.

“My passion is roller derby, a sport all too familiar with injury. Weeks out from my team’s playoffs, I took a fall that tore my PCL in my left knee. Determined to play, I looked to Sports Medicine South for care and rehabilitation. The knowledge, compassion and care I have received has been top class! As an athlete, I appreciate the attention and care I received — it will allow me to compete with my fellow teammates in the playoffs. Thank you, Sports Medicine South, and Go Toxic Shocks!”
– Selina Cash