LipoGems is the most recent “regenerative medicine” procedure offered at Sports Medicine South. With the founding company out of Italy, LipoGems is an innovative process where a patient’s own fat is used to produce viable and injectable stem cells with regenerative properties. This type of procedure has a number of benefits and is done in the doctor’s office without need of anesthesia.

The Process

  • Skin is prepped and designated area is injected with a local anesthetic and sterile saline.
  • Using a harvesting cannula, fat cells are aspirated. Typically 50-120 cc of fat is harvested depending on how many joints are being injected.
  • The harvested fat then goes through the LipoGems technology system. The LipoGems system filters out all unwanted materials from the patient’s fat (i.e. oils, blood) leaving only the patient’s own stem cells with regenerative properties.
  • The stem cells are put into syringes and are ready for injection into the patient’s affected joint(s).

Lipo photo

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this procedure performed and how long will it take?

LipoGems is an in-office procedure performed by your treating physician. The procedure itself takes an average of 45 minutes; however, patient’s should allocate 90 minutes for prep and post procedure instructions.

Does LipoGems hurt?

While skin and the harvest area is numbed, the patient does not go under anesthesia during the procedure. The procedure is typically pain-free but may cause levels of discomfort when the fat harvesting is preformed depending on how much fat is available in the chosen harvest areas.

What is the recovery time?

You are able to go home directly following the procedure. We do advise that the patient take it easy for three days following LipoGems as the harvest areas will be sore and need time to heal internally. High activity and heavy lifting should be avoided.

How much does LipoGems cost

LipoGems, while cleared by the FDA, is not covered by insurance companies currently. The self-pay rate for LipoGems is $4000.00 and is due at the time of the procedure. This fee covers the LipoGems kit + medical supplies + physician fee for the procedure. Payment plans are not available for this procedure.