Workman’s Compensation

At Sports Medicine South of Gwinnett we strive to make dealing with your work related injury as easy as possible. Workman’s Compensation often seems to be an overwhelming process; however, we will be here to guide you along the way. During your treatment at Sports Medicine South, we work both as your advocate and a liaison. We strive to create channels of clear communication between you, your adjuster/insurance, and your employer.

Our priority is to ensure that your WC injury has a minimal effect on your work status and personal life. We work closely with employers to develop appropriate work accommodations conscious of medical restrictions and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to get you working at your full capacity once again.

Be assured that Sports Medicine South is an advocate for you and continuously works to get procedures, MRIs, CT scans, injections, and physical therapy approved as quickly as possible. Delays of approval from insurance companies may be experienced that are out of our control. Please know that we do the best we can to handle your workman’s compensation case in a timely manner.

During this process, we hope that you continue to feel informed and satisfied with your care by Sports Medicine South.

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