Swim, Bike & Run!

This past weekend, Sports Medicine South provided sports medicine care to the athletes participating in the Tri-2-Remember triathalon event held in Gainesville, Georgia.  Triathletes are amazing fitness enthusiasts.  They train hard, eat right and strive to live an active lifestyle.  However, it is common for many of theses athletes to experience injuries that prevent them from performing at their peak levels.  Whether new to the sport or a triathalon veteran, the three most common injuries developed while preparing for an event are “Runner’s Knee” (chondromalacia), Achilles Tendonitis, and “Swimmer’s Shoulder” (impingement).  These injuries can easily be treated and the potential reduced by seeing a sports medicine trained physician and working with a properly designed exercise program to develop strength and muscular balance.  If you are having any problems in your knees, ankles or shoulders that are preventing you from reaching your goals, call the experts at Sports Medicine South today at 770-237-3475.