What is the MOST IMPORTANT part of ACL Reconstruction?

Eric Cressey is president and co-founder of Cressey Performance, a facility located just west of Boston, MA and has a very interesting blog post on the success rates of ACL grafts. Cressey refers to a study that states there was no significant differences in what type of graft was used in regards to the success of the procedure. But near the end of his blog, he makes a profound statement, “I remember Kevin Wilk at an October 2008 seminar saying that 85% of ACL reconstructions in the U.S. are performed by doctors that do fewer than 10 ACL reconstructions per year.  So, don’t just find a surgeon; find a surgeon that does these all the time and has built up a sample size large enough to know which ACL graft site is right for you…”

We can not agree more with Coach Cressey. The MOST IMPORTANT part of ACL Reconstruction is choosing the right Doctor!  Gary A. Levengood, MD has performed over 100 ACL Reconstructions in the past year alone including both the patellar and hamstring grafts! Call our office today at 770-237-3475 and speak with one of our specialists in order to see what procedure would be best for you.