Cast or Brace?

When you are evaluated by a provider you might be diagnosed with an injury such as a sprain or strain, a fracture or even some diagnosis you may not have ever heard of.  After the provider looks at your x-rays and does special testing, you might receive a cast or a brace.  Why do you receive a cast or a brace?  When the provider orders a cast it is typically to stabilize the joint.  At this point the provider feels the injury will heal best if you have no/minimal movement of the joint.  Casts are typically ordered when there is a fracture that does not need to move or post surgical when something has been repaired and the provider wants to make sure the suture anchors that are placed in the repair will not tear.

On the other hand, the provider will usually order as brace when there is an injury that requires protection but does not have to be completely immobilized.  A brace is ordered so you can take the injured body part out the brace and perform some strengthening exercises or stretching exercises in order to speed up the healing process.  The brace is there typically to remind you there is a healing injury and get you to think twice before gripping or running or whatever our daily activities might include.

At Sports Medicine South, we have a state-of-the-art Cast Room and a full brace fitting and supply center.  One of our nationally certified professional staff members will assist you in making sure either your cast or brace fits properly to help you get BEYOND BETTER!